High quality and easy to install

Our credo: high quality, low defects & easy installation. We believe in a world of increasing pollution and need for pure water your satisfaction comes from our incessant progress.


Based on our manufacture, trade and development experiences, we supply and sell water purification products at fair prices, finest quality and economized expense for our clients.

All our products are tested in the factory before being sold. Very often, problem comes from customer’s installation. We do all our efforts to make sure our customers do the least work before usage when designing.

Last decades, series of certification were issued from credible authorities. Making products correspond to the safety standard is what we emphasize and focus on.

NSF 42 ● Filter Cartridges: APS, APL, PPS
● Filter Housings: AEG-10W, AQF-1050, AQF-2050
● Inline Cartridges: AIC-2, AIC-25, AIC-2Q
NSF 61 ● PE tube: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”
CE ● UV Sterilizer Ballast: BA-1014W, BA-2040W
● Booster Pump: PM6689-24, PM6689-36, PM6689-24H
● Transformer: TR-12, TR-24
UL ● UV Sterilizer Ballast: BA-1014W, BA-2040W
WQA ● Member since 1998


  • Reverse Osmosis system: Home, Commercial, Industrial
    and Sea water.

  • Filter housings, Cartridges, and parts.

  • UV sterilizer 1gpm to 150gpm.

  • Softener and Filtration system.


We are the company with 4-in-1 features: Design, Manufacture, Trade and Consultation.
Globalization has become an unstoppable tendency. We discipline ourselves not only develop new technologies, but also extend sales experience.

To satisfy customers’ need, we work hard to offer all-round service for saving your precious time & expense. It’s our honor to offer ideal suggestion for your inquiry!


Never satisfied with good reputation now, always try to develop new products and technologies. In a world where danger of pollution is increasing for pure water astonishingly, we believe customers’ satisfaction come from our incessant progress.

You Name It, We Develop It!