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FRP Vessel / Media Filtration


Our industry-leading filtration systems give you water that is clean, pure, and refreshing every time.

The ideal choice for residential and light commercial water treatment applications that require flexibility. Improve your water treatment system with Structural FRP Vessels. Easy to handle and install, our FRP tanks are available in standard polyester or chemical-resistant .

Features and Benefits

Standard polyester or chemical-resistant .
Easy to handle and install
10-year warranty for 6″ to 13″ vessels (softener/filtration applications)
5-year warranty for 14″ to 16″ vessels (softener/filtration applications)
2-year warranty for vessels (deionization applications)



Safety factor: 4:1
Minimum burst at 600 psi
Tested to 250,000 cycles without leakage


Safety factor: 4:1
Minimum burst at 600 psi
Tested to 100,000 cycles without leakage

Residential tanks 6″-16″ in diameter are Certified to NSF 44. Commercial tanks 18″-63″ in diameter are Certified to NSF 61.

Maximum operating pressure: 150 psi
Maximum operating temperature: 120° F – polyester, 150° F


Vessels Tested and Certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for material and structural integrity requirements.




Product Description :-
FRP Vessel is widely used in fermentation, brewing, chemical, & pharmaceutical industries for storing raw fluids and intermediates in an efficient manner. It is made using supreme quality fiber reinforced plastic and can also be coated with a layer of a polypropylene material to provide extra strength. This vessel is highly appreciated for its non reactive nature with the stored material. It is used over metallic vessel due to its excellent tensile strength and great resistance from corrosion, UV, & properties of acid and alkalis.


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